Palic, 7 km long lake and tourist center of the same name, was the elite holiday resorts and spas, but at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Face Palic is constantly changed and further developed and modernized but avoid the temptation of industrialization. Tandem, which has left an indelible mark on the architecture of the city, planners Komor and Jakab, gave the Palic recognizable objects in the Hungarian variant of Art Nouveau with the dominant wood carvings inspired by folk handicrafts.

The settlement Palic dating from the Bronze Age, and written documents first mentioned 1462nd as wastelands by the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus gave his mother village was first mentioned as Pali 1462nd , and the lake as Paligo Palus about 1690th year, which was recorded on the memorial fountain near the lake shore. Water Tower, now a symbol of Palic, built in the early twentieth century as a multipurpose facility: water tower, gates and summer re tram stop.

Building a large terrace in the Art Nouveau style was completed in 1911. year, and I was building at that time was a multipurpose (cafe, restaurant, part of the bunk intended parties and balls). Two large open terraces adorn the front of the building, with distinctive rezbarnom fence. Directly in front Veliek terrace, located a minimum Secession building special purpose - Music Pavilion. In the spirit of his age, was a place for the maintenance of promenade concerts.

In honor of the completion of the building in the city and Palic, erected in 1912. The memorial - a fountain, which was successfully incorporated into the then newly formed neighborhood walkways and terraces in front of Great Music Pavilion along the lake shore. Another in a series velelepnih Secession building was bathing facility Male Strand. Indispensable unity Palic certainly make coloring villas - villas. "Villa Luisa" was built in the style and eclecticism "Bagojvar" (interesting name of interesting buildings - sovin city) belonging to the girls' švajcarskog type ", both covered with multicolored tiles Zolnai pepper. In the heart of the Great Park, housed the achievement of these specific areas: Summer Stage, which is held in summer International Film Festival "Palic." Lake Palic is eolian origin, east of Subotica in a depression, in the form of Crescent.

Palic area is put under protection in order to preserve its eco - systems (lakes, habitat of some rare plant and animal species, Park, Zoo - the garden). The lake belongs to the prominent tourist values ​​with recreational properties and is the basis for the development of the spa, fishing, picnic and grugih aspects of tourism.

Space Ludaš lake in 1955. was placed under special protection of Ramsar Convention in Iran on conservation of wetlands and waterfowl, which is included in world heritage.

For Ludaš is characterized by a transient ornithological station of a large number of birds, which migrate to different seasons throughout the country.

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