Majkin salaš

Palić, Jožefa Atile 79

Tel: 024/ 753-032, 024/ 753-276
Mob: 062/ 476 – 819

Majkin farm is a restaurant of local cuisine. Vojvodina old farm once again became the center of life and meeting people with a glass of good brandy, homemade, original and traditional music, tambura dishes. Gourmets can enjoy good krompirači, perkeltu veal with homemade test and cheese, stew with dumplings pevčijem, the farm beans, mutton stew with cabbage, pork hooves, roasted duck or fish broths may be right. For gourmets we ensure funky, homemade strudels, gomboce, compotes .... It's just part of a rich supply "Majkinog farms." With all that we can not forget the quality range of wines, homemade brandy from quince, apples or plums. There is also our tambura orchestra "Neven" and on the farm there is a carp pond, pool, sports courts, a horse paddock. All this is surrounded by orchards and small acacia woods. The organization has contributed to various festivities to educate and remind guests of the life and customs of the people who live in this region. So today we are already well

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